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Mountain Biking in Steamboat Springs

When the weather gets a little warmer and the snow begins to melt in Steamboat Springs, there is a whole new set of activities to enjoy. Instead of focusing on skiing and other snow sports, the town shifts to summer sports focusing on the beautiful forests that are now exposed. One of the best activities to take advantage of during the summer is Steamboat mountain biking.

Steamboat Mountain Bike Trails

Guests to Steamboat Springs can pedal on cross-country trails that stretch across the ski resorts and wind through aspen trees, rock formations, and secluded single-track trials. You will head up, speed down, and explore the mountains from top to bottom. One of the best Steamboat mountain bike trails to visit during your trip is on Mount Werner. There are 30 miles of a cross-country mountain bike and multi-use trails on Mount Werner. All trails are free unless you take your bike to Christie Peak and use the chairlift; you can utilize this amazing lift to skip some of the uphill, but there is a small fee. Steamboat mountain bike trails and multi-purpose roads might have hikers or vehicles, but you will mostly be secluded on this amazing trail.

Along with Mount Werner, there are several different trails to take advantage of around Steamboat Springs. There are fifteen different trails that we recommend depending on your desired level of difficulty. The Duster Road, Yoo Hoo Road, and Short Cut Road are all beginner Steamboat mountain biking, road-paved trails that are around a mile in length. If you want something a little more difficult, you can try one of the medium-difficulty trails that vary in distance from a half-mile to over three miles in length. These medium-difficulty trails come in both single-track trails or mountain roads.

Finally, reserved for only the expert mountain bikers are the three black diamond trails. The So What Road and Storm Peak Challenge are both mountain road trails that are very difficult but rewarding for thrill-seekers. The So What Road Trail is mostly uphill but is only a little over a half-mile in distance. The Storm Peak Challenge is 2.33 miles and offers some amazing views. The most difficult trail is probably the Moonlight single-track trail. This is .72 miles of difficult terrain. If you are looking for a real challenge, try to tackle all three black diamond trails!

After a few hours of biking, you might want to get some rest in one of our cozy vacation rentals and continue your adventure the next day! Contact us to book a stay! Book one of our condo rentals in Steamboat or apartments in Steamboat Springs today to start you dream vacation.

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