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Top Spring Activities in Steamboat Springs

As you turn the pages of the calendar to a new season, your mind starts to drift off thinking about the spring breaks of your youth. Wild times were definitely had, and although you loved every second of it, as you mature, you find yourself seeking peace and beauty more than drinks and shenanigans. Your upcoming spring vacation in Steamboat Springs is the perfect example, and because you still want to have fun as you relax and recover from your real life back home, we’ve compiled this guide for the top Steamboat spring activities you can enjoy during your Colorado journey!

That Last Taste of Winter

If you arrive early enough, many of our winter Steamboat activities are still actively taking place as the ski season frequently last into mid-April, so if you love the winter sports, now is the time to purchase a pass and head for the mountains! Spending your time skiing, snowboarding, and if the mischievous mood hits you, throwing snowballs at your favorite traveling partners is guaranteed to bring you the fun you need, and after the last run down the slopes, après ski is the perfect way to greet each evening!

Feeling Chilly?

The weather can still be a bit nippy in the spring, but a visit to Old Town Hot Springs has been the favored way to stay warm for centuries. The earliest settlers, the Ute Indians, used this place for bathing and socializing hundreds of years ago! Today, Old Town has added waterslides, climbing walls, and a fitness center to entertain visitors, but the hot springs still appear much as they would have when the Utes roamed the Colorado landscape.

Explore the Past

No matter where you live or visit, spring can be kind of crazy when it comes to weather conditions and if your spring visit offers up spring showers, spending the day inside studying the past can be the perfect solution! The Tread of Pioneers Museum, located at 800 Oak Street, is open again after a brief pandemic closure and offers a comprehensive glimpse into the history of our old west village, making it a popular place not just for adults but for children who are fascinated by Cowboys, Native Americans, and the lifestyle that was common a couple of hundred years ago.

Have Fun Doing These Steamboat Activities

From hiking, biking, and golfing to finding the clues that will release you from the escape rooms of the Crooked Key, Steamboat spring offers everything you need to have fun, and when you stay in one of our vacation escapes, your getaway will be absolutely perfect! Reserve your stay with us today! Check out our private vacation rentals in Steamboat Springs.

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