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Hiking Journey to Steamboat Springs

Mention Steamboat Springs and it’s likely that a winter wonderland of potential and downhill fun will come to mind. While Steamboat Springs, Colorado is absolute a dream come true for those that love the winter, in the summer, the mountains melt to reveal a maze of incredible Steamboat hiking trails below! If you’re the type of adventurer that can’t wait to lace up your boots and get out and explore, Steamboat Springs has plenty of options waiting for you. Here are just a few of many you won’t want to miss out on while you’re here to hike your way to fun.

Yampa River Core Trail

For those that are looking for a paved pathway to follow that takes them all the way through town and highlights the iconic landmarks along the way, the Yampa River Core Trail will do the trick. This comprehensive path is perfect when you’re planning to hike with others of varying ages and skill levels. While hiking this trail is a popular choice, you’ll also find plenty of others taking to this path by bike, skate, or while enjoying a run. Passing by the Yampa River Botanic Park and offering plenty of access points to the river, this trail is also a good choice when you’re looking to pair a hike with other options for outdoor fun and adventure.

Emerald Mountain

When the view and lush scenery are a priority, a hike on Emerald Mountain Trail is sure to please during your Steamboat Springs hiking adventure. This is a great choice for those that love bird watching and a trek this way also provides sweeping views of the town from a sky-high vantage point. Emerald Mountain can be hiked at a customized pace and offers many places to stop and soak up the scenery along the way.

Fish Creek Falls

If you’re the type of hiker that finds a trek just isn’t complete without the reward of a stunning cascade at the end, then Fish Creek Falls is for you! Whether you’re looking forward to exploring the upper or lower falls, Fish Creek Falls is a fantastic Steamboat Springs hiking destination that provides a challenge for hikers with 280 feet of the waterfall to enjoy once you reach your final destination. See our Steamboat Springs summer rentals here.

Enjoy the Steamboat Hiking Journey

There’s nothing like a trip to Steamboat Springs to renew your perspective and reinvigorate your spirits. When your travel plans have you headed this way, be sure to focus on the fun and let Elevated Properties handle all the details of your accommodations. Contact us today to book our Steamboat Spring ski-in ski-out condo rentals to learn more! Book one of our Edgemont condos, or beautiful entire house Airbnb rentals in Steamboat Springs.

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