When you need some rest and relaxation, you want a place where you can soak up peace and tranquility as well as quench your thirst for fun and excitement. You’ll fill the bill with a trip to colorful Colorado, where you’ll capture photos of the Steamboat Springs wildlife while you’re out hiking, biking, or wandering through the serene outdoors of Steamboat Springs and the surrounding area. You’ll love wandering through state parks and forests in search of the many species of wildlife that call Colorado home. Don’t forget to pack your camera to record the beautiful animals, and binoculars or other long-distance viewing equipment to keep yourself and the animals safe.

Mount Zirkel Wilderness

Get out and see nature at its best. The United States Congress designated the area to be protected under the Wilderness Act of 1964. The nearly 160,000 acres of land is located about an hour from Steamboat Springs and features the 12,180-foot-tall Mount Zirkel. The area holds some of the most breathtaking views around, while also being home to elk, mule deer, various species of bear, and moose. Look up and keep your eyes open for osprey, bald eagles, great blue herons, hawks, falcons, songbirds, and more. While the wilderness area is open year-round, you’ll want to check for seasonal road closures due to snow or other conditions.

Arapaho National Wildlife Refuge

Located in nearby Walden, the refuge was initially created as a way to offset the losses of nesting habitat in the prairie wetland region of the Midwest. Watch carefully and you’ll see mallard, pintail, American wigeon, and other waterfowl. Songbirds, as well as raptors like the northern harrier, Swainson’s hawk, and golden eagles can be seen swooping through the skies. Keep your eyes trained on the land for Shiras moose, elk, badgers, white-tailed prairie dogs, coyotes, and more call the land home. You’ll also want to keep an eye out for reptiles and amphibians, like garter snakes and striped chorus frogs.

Routt National Forest

Set on the Continental Divide, the forest spans nearly 2.9 million acres of wilderness for you to explore from north central Colorado to central and northeastern Wyoming. Gather your Steamboat Springs wildlife spotting gear and set out in search of black bear, mountain lions, lynx, bobcat, coyote, red fox, and more. Game birds, such as turkeys, can be spotted, along with many others that take to the sky.

Sarvis Creek Wilderness

The area is a wilderness area within the Routt National Forest. The area is named for the Sarvis Timber Company, which logged the area at one time. There are plenty of hiking trails, coldwater streams for fishing, and other outdoor activities. Pack your wildlife spotting gear in anticipation of seeing deer, elk, black bear, Dusky (Blue) Grouse, lions, waterfowl, and more. The area encompasses over 440,000 acres near Steamboat Springs and offers a habitat for game birds, songbirds, and many of the other species that call the national forest home.

Rotary Park Boardwalk

While the boardwalk attracts people to its easy access to the wetlands along the Yampa River, it also attracts wildlife. Hike the trails and boardwalk area for as long as you like, year-round, for free. The planned area features signboards along the way, filling you in about local animal and plant life. Keep a lookout for moose, bear, elk, deer, and others wandering the land with you. Look up for a glimpse of bald eagles, osprey, Steller Jay, magpie, and many more. Take a break and enjoy a meal at the BBQ and picnic areas along the path and review the breathtaking photos you’ve captured of wildlife in their natural habitat. You can bring your dog along for the trip, but make sure your furry friend is leashed at all times and keep in mind the wildlife may shy away from your animal or act aggressively.

Chuck Lewis State Wildlife Area

Located just south of Steamboat Springs, the area is a prime habitat for many species, including many of the wildlife seen in other areas around Steamboat Springs. Those who love birding, too, are encouraged to make their way to the area in the spring, when flocks of sandhill cranes descend upon the area during migration.

Watching The Beautiful Steamboat Springs Wildlife

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