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April 1, 2022 to November 1, 2022, Edgemont Condominiums will be undergoing a construction project to replace the exterior stone veneer.
Please be advised, Edgemont guests may experience noise, obstructed views, amenity closures, and detours around the building.
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Top Reasons to Visit Steamboat Springs

Steamboat Springs is a great vacation destination for both summer and winter activities. Whether you are looking for a ski destination in the winter or a beautiful hiking trail in the summer, Steamboat Springs has something for you. Here are the top reasons to visit Steamboat Springs.

Quality Snow

One of the main things that sets out-west skiing apart from East Coast skiing is the snow, or rather, the fresh powder. But did you know that the powder at Steamboat Ski Resort is even more special? Nicknamed “champagne powder,” the percentage of water in the snow in Steamboat Springs (6%) is much lower than other ski areas (15%), making it truly one of the most enviable types of snow to ski in the country. Champagne powder has long been a term used to characterize the snow here, (because the sprinkle of powder on your nose feels just like champagne bubbles) to the point that Steamboat Ski Resort went so far as to trademark the term.

Olympic Presence

Steamboat Springs has produced more Olympians than anywhere else in the country with 89 athletes and counting. In 2014, the ski town sent 14 athletes to the Olympics; there is one Olympian per every 136 people. Olympians love this location, and if it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for us! If you’re a ski lover, snowboarder, snow jumper, or interested in any other sport that involves snow, you can’t help but help fall in love with the quality of snow in Steamboat Springs.

Tree Trails

Steamboat is known for its adventurous and excellent tree trail skiing, and the pure quantity of tree trails. Some say it’s the best tree trail skiing around. Just be cautious and use common sense, especially with kids, as these trails are not marked and could be a bit dangerous in parts.

Yampa River Core Trail, A Summer Vacation Spot

If you are looking for a quality summer vacation spot, Steamboat Springs also has options for you. The 7.5-mile Yampa River Core Trail, which connects downtown Steamboat Springs to Bear River Park, is a paved multi use trail for hikers and bikers. You’ll find several playgrounds along the path as well as scenic overlooks and picnic spots. It also offers prime access to the Yampa River Botanic Park and the Yampa River, where you can fish or float in an inner tube.

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